Translating your website takes time and effort. You can help us by asking yourself some questions beforehand.

Does everything need to be translated?

Websites often feature a blog or news section which can have posts dating back several years ago.

  • Do you want to translate the blog?
  • Do you also want to translate old posts?
  • What about new posts?

You might also be running a forum on your site, which may be hosted by an external party.

  • Do you want the entire forum translated?
  • Do you want the interface of the forum translated but not the posts?
  • Could machine translation be an option for the user generated content?

Linked documents

Your website can host various documents that need to be accessible to your users such as PDF, Excel or Word documents.

Do they also need translation? In case of PDF files, do you have the original file format from which the PDF was created? This helps to reduce translation costs significantly.


Videos are powerful tools to engage and inform your users. They can be hosted on your website or can be embedded from YouTube.

  • Do you have the source script available?
  • Do the videos need to be subtitled?
  • Do the videos need to be dubbed?

Images with embedded text

Images liven up your website but be careful with images that contain embedded text. These are harder to localize. Images can also be highly country specific. In that case, they could be replaced by a more general image or be localized for each target language.

  • Does your website contain images with embedded text?
  • Does your website contain country specific images?

Export/import content

We prefer to work with exported content from websites. Working in the CMS itself prevents us from using our standard translation software which plugs into translation memories, term bases and quality assurance software.

  • Can you export the translatable content and import the translations back?

Not sure yet? Give us a call or drop us an e-mail to discuss your website localization project.