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Tiene Vertriest
User Cases for Machine Translation with Examples of Different Technologies: RBMT, SMT, NMT
The introduction of Neural Machine Translation has changed the landscape of Machine Translation in the language industry. With exciting accurate and fluent results, Neural Machine Translation is called the New Now. But is it actually taking the language industry by storm? Rule Based Machine translation is the oldest technology, but for the past years Statistical Machine translation has been the standard and recently Neural MT is the hype. Each technology has its strong points and weaknesses. During this presentation we’ll introduce you to each of these technologies with user cases and practical examples.
Wed., 13:45, Room C7.3, by Tiene Vertriest


Sien Accou
Video is the New Normal: Practical Tips and Tricks for Creating How-To Videos
In a rapidly changing online culture, where YouTube has become the second most popular search engine and internet users are consuming instructional videos at an unseen pace, publishing online videos to support your presales, sales, and aftersales process should be a crucial step in your company’s information strategy. This presentation will focus on practical tips and tricks on how your existing manuals can be converted into easy-to-consume instructional videos and how technologies such as automatic speech recognition and text to speech can be integrated in your video creation process.
Thu., 15:30, Room C6.2, by Sien Accou