More important than this very boring booklet about a bunch of opportunists following a big mouth through America in the 50s - of which some are convinced it is a cult book - is that being on the road is also the risky, adventurous part of our work as print manager.

In a world where companies are interconnected via servers and internet, with employees hardly moving away from their screen, one might forget that it is not all about bits and bytes. Tight scheduled logistics and hazardous traffic are also part of the Yamagata business. Trucks and planes full of our nice printed materials have reached dozens of countries on all continents, except Antarctica (still looking for a client there).

Ice Ice Baby

But the main destination of our shipments is Europe. Here we are adding our shipments to the already overcrowded roads. Everyone coming to work by car knows how murderous the traffic on the highways has become. And that‘s why working from home is invented. Working from home is not because we want to save the environment or for your convenience. No, the main purpose is to get you off the road and give us more space for our shipments. The road is ours!

The road is ours!

And what happened to Dean? Well, in today’s world Dean might be the guy who delivers your Amazon package at your doorstep while you are busy working at home. It’s up to you whether to trust him, to let him in or not…

PS: If you still have a copy of ‘On the Road’ and you understandably really do not know what to do with it you can tear apart the cover and use this to block your front door to prevent strangers from entering.