Simplified Chinese

This character set is used in mainland China and among people of Chinese origin in Singapore. Simplified Chinese characters have fewer strokes and are simpler to remember and write. The Chinese government has encouraged their use in an attempt to increase literacy. They have official status in the People's Republic of China and Singapore.

Traditional Chinese

This character set uses the original, traditional characters and is used outside mainland China (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and oversea areas).

The difference

The simplified set replaces around 2,000 characters with versions that use fewer strokes and eliminate a number of variants.

Here’s the Chinese word for country in traditional and simplified characters.

Traditional vs Simplified Chinese

Simplified or traditional?

If you are targeting a region the decision to use simplified or traditional Chinese is easy. Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China (PRC) and in Singapore. If you are targeting Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Malaysia you need traditional Chinese.

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