Relocating offices is no trivial event. We thought we’d share some of the things we are doing prior to our move. The key to a successful move lies in the preparation. You can find our new address below. We’ll be serving you from our new location as of June 12th 2017.


Having spent over 15 years in the same location you find that you amass a ton of, errrrm, things you don’t really need and you definitely don’t want to move to the new location.

As our managing director is a huge fan of 5S we were asked to get rid of as much stuff as possible before moving. Every week a new topic was tackled.

This meant finally cleaning out that drawer unit you’ve been chucking things into you didn’t know what to do with but thought would come in handy someday. Turns out, they never did.

Drawer units

As we’ve been progressing to a paperless office (still not quite there yet) we’ve got a ton of material we no longer need. Where possible, we sell or donate old material so it can get a second life.

Bakskes everywhere

IT infrastructure

Moving offices is also a good time to look at your IT infrastructure again and optimize where possible. We already switched to a cloud email solution some time ago and we also decided to switch to voice-over-ip prior to the move to have less hardware on the new site and make the move less painful.

Now is also the time to finally get that cable management right.


Flex desking

We’ve been huge fans of remote working for many years. This means that many desks remain empty. Enter flex desking, probably the biggest challenge as we try to figure out all the practicalities and sensitivities.

A welcome addition will be a quiet phone room for those sensitive calls and a quiet meeting room.

Oh, we’re getting new flexible office chairs as well.

New office chairs

Update our address, like, everywhere

The list goes on and on: website, Google Maps, social media profiles, business cards, marketing collateral, invoicing paper, envelopes, accounting stamps, …

New address and directions

Our new address as of June 12th 2017 is Zwijnaardsesteenweg 316 B, 9000 Gent. Check the new directions to get there.

Time-lapse movie

This is how we moved: