Companies that are outsourcing critical business processes; it’s no longer a taboo. In fact, business process outsourcing has become commonplace for many back-end and front-end processes. But did you know that your company can also outsource its entire technical documentation management process? And – spoiler alert – that Yamagata Europe can help you with that? 

Business process outsourcing, also known as BPO, is a specific type of outsourcing that relates to critical business processes. There are many types of business process outsourcing. Some companies outsource parts of their back office, for example human resources, accounting or financial services. Other companies turn to third parties for their front office needs, for example customer service. Yet other companies outsource their IT services.

IT Services

The most famous example of companies associated with BPO that you will read about is Coca-Cola. That company is known for outsourcing large segments of its supply chain. Today, the increasing globalization and technical advances have made it easier for companies to choose BPO.

The benefits of business process outsourcing

It’s not difficult to see why BPO has become so successful over the past decade. Here are a few reasons…

  • It’s fast and efficient: When you don’t have enough resources or knowledge for a specific business process, turning to a third-party can be a wise decision. A BPO company usually has an entire team at its disposal to take care of this task for you. A third party can book great results fast and efficiently. And BPO can help you reduce operational and recruitment costs.
  • It gives your company some flexibility: Your workload may go up and down throughout the year. You can decide to make use of a BPO company when – and only when – you need it.
  • It allows you to focus on your core business: As your company is growing, it can be wise to ask yourself whether you can do everything yourself. BPO allows you to scale without too much growing pains.

BPO for your technical documentation

Yamagata Europe is probably very well-known because of our translation services. And yes, we provide layouting and printing services too. But we like to take this one step further. In fact, we see ourselves as process managers who take care of your entire technical documentation management. This includes:

  1. Creating your technical information: Our technical writers, graphics & DTP specialists will coordinate the entire production of your technical documentation.
  2. Managing and localizing that information: Our linguistic experts and extensive network of freelancers will localize your documentation in no less than 65 languages.  
  3. Publishing that information to multiple platforms: We publish everything in print, on the web, in movie format or in any other digital format.

Technical documentation

Yamagata Europe is a BPO service provider that can take the entire technical documentation management process out of your hands. If you lack the knowledge or resources, then we can manage the entire sequence of order support, translation, printing, administration and logistics for you.

Interested to know how this might work for your company? Then contact us now for a free consultation.