When it comes to translation, most companies are fully aware that outside help can make their business grow. However, with so many options available today, ranging from in-house translators, online translation platforms over freelancers to translation agencies, it can be hard to choose.

Translation agencies are not competing with freelance translators or even with in-house translators. Although every type of resource has its place, agencies dedicated to translation do offer unique value. So, when exactly do you need a translation agency?

When you need the manpower  

For high-volume assignments with a short turnaround time, translation agencies can provide the flexibility and manpower you need, because they usually rely on a pool of resources to get the job done in time and on budget.

When it gets complex

Some translation projects tend to get complex: multiple languages, heavy project management, complex data and file structure, centralization of customer communication with multiple stakeholders. When you are working with an agency, an account manager will be assigned to you to direct the flow of work and to ensure that everything will run smoothly from start to finish.

A translation agency will often be able to offer a more complete menu of services that are related to translation, such as copywriting, technical writing or DTP. An agency also knows where translation fits into the customer’s supply chain and how it can be integrated with preceding or following processes. Without bragging (OK, maybe a little), just have a look at the variety of services Yamagata is providing and you’ll understand what we mean.

When you need the technology

Machine translation, complex file preparation, software localization, smooth integration into layout… Some jobs require dedicated software and tools. This requires resources and certain skill sets that are not always available in house or with an individual freelance professional. Agencies work with various professionals who have different skill sets. This enables them to choose the right person for the task at hand.

When you need specialization

A translator with the right kind of background, knowledge and experience for your project is essential. Every freelancer has his/her own specialization that might or might not be a fit for your project. An agency like Yamagata Europe can draw from a pool of experts in a wide range of topics, from healthcare, electronics to agriculture, and from a broad range of languages. A critical capability of a translation agency is matching the right translator with the right job and making sure there is continuity in the choice of translators.

When you’re looking for added value, you’re definitely better off with a translation agency. Come have a chat with us and let’s discuss the added value we can provide you.