is a website that was made by Sensoa, the Flemish center of expertise for sexual health in Flanders. Sensoa has built this website to give foreign people, refugees, illegal aliens and people whose mother tongue is not Dutch or French the possibility to find information on sex, relationships, the human body, etc. in a very easy way. is available in 13 languages (Arabic, Farsi, Albanian, Romanian, Russian, amongst others), and the website can be viewed on all screens (PC, tablet, mobile phone). This way, (young) people can look up information on their own device and not on a shared or public computer.

There is a dictionary to give information on specific terms, and an exhaustive list of organisations is easily accessible, with information on what they do and how they can be contacted.


With this website, Sensoa makes it possible for nearly all inhabitants of Belgium to have direct access to often sensitive information that would otherwise be hidden behind a language barrier.