On Wednesday November 11th, Tiene Vertriest and Sien Accou will be giving out Practical Advice for Localizing e-learning Courses. Corporate learning has become a business-critical priority for increasing skills and enhancing employee engagement and retention. As a localization company, we have experienced a growing demand for localization of digital training courses. In this session, we‘ll use a case study of an e-learning course about safety rules for employees of a healthcare company and discuss our process for localizing into 11 languages, including lan¬guages such as Urdu, Arabic and Chinese, and with advanced features like video subtitling and voice-overs.

On Tuesday, November 10th, Tiene Vertriest will be talking about Easy Quality Metrics for Machine Translation Output. This presentation gives an answer to the question: “How do your customers measure the quality of your machine translation output?” The report highlights the customer’s motivation to implement machine translation and gives a detailed explanation of how Yamagata Europe developed objective and customized quality metrics. This presentation reports on 3 different applications of machine translation. Three use cases will be explained with best practices on how the quality is measured and how these metrics are used by our customers in the real world.