Quality Policy

We experience and understand customer satisfaction through quality services as the fundamental success factor. The achievement of the best possible customer satisfaction and its constant improvement are our most important objectives.

High-quality linguistic solutions

We dedicate ourselves to provide high-quality linguistic solutions and exceed your expectations at every stage. Perception is reality in today’s world and the perception of our service is said to be the only true measure of our performance. As a market leader and developer of tools and workflows for measuring quality, we strongly believe these market perceptions can be benchmarked against objective and measurable quality metrics based on industry standards.

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality is not only a company policy but even more a personal and individual challenge at Yamagata Europe; every one of our employees is a professional who displays accountability and responsibility towards every project undertaken. These professionals make the difference, every day.


At Yamagata Europe we measure quality during the process based on the kaizen principle of the next process is the customer. All checking and QA data are logged in our different Quality Management Systems. We also log and measure all customer queries and complaints and translate these inputs in quality results.

QA Distiller

Discover our stand-alone translation quality control solution.

QA Distiller

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