Thanks to terminology management, our translators speak the language of your company

It is essential that the identity of your company is expressed just as strongly in translated texts. This is why using the right terminology is so crucial.

We either import your own terminology list into our files, or compile one for you

Perhaps you already have a list of company or industry-specific terms and expressions. Our translators will be able to make use of this immediately. If this is not the case, we create a file based on key terms taken from the first source text we receive from you. We then have these translated and submit these to you for approval. Following your approval we will add these to the translation memory we will be building up for you and that we will, from then on, be using consistently for the production of all your target texts.

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Synchronisation between software and user guides

If we are translating software we ensure that the terms used in the software are identical to the terms in the user guide. In cases such as these avoiding confusion among your users is a key priority.

We can also help you with tools for terminology management.
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Punctuality from the start

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“Our partnership was immediately off to a very good start. All our requests were responded to promptly. Plenty of time was made available to become better acquainted with us as a customer. This professional approach makes it a joy to work with Yamagata.”

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“What is unique about Yamagata Europe is that you are assigned one and the same partner for translation, layout and printing. Having only one contact person makes communication so much easier from my side.”

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